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You Could Be Wasting Thousands Of Dollars On Your Rental

Ask yourself this:

Do you truly know the laws that protect you and your deposit as a renter?

Do you know the limits that rents can be raised in your area?

Do you know the exact, proven method to ensure you get your full deposit back?

Are you familiar with your rights as a tenant?

If the answer is no to any of these then you could be wasting thousands of dollars.

Tenant Rights activist groups fight for tenant rights. We believe that educating with the tools and knowledge of renting is the most effective way to empower yourself.

Tenant Center provides a library of knowledge to help you save time and money as a tenant PLUS additional bonus discounts worth hundreds of dollars!

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Keep Your Landlord Honest™

Let's face it, most tenants are not well informed on how security deposits work and the basics of rental agreements and tenant rights.

For example, did you know that security deposits are still the property of the tenant and are required to be held in a special account called a Trust Account?

And did you know that many states require the interest that is earned in these accounts to be paid to the tenants?

And what about those deductions from your deposit? Did you know that wear and tear cannot be deducted? Do you know what is considered wear and tear?

Get informed as a tenant and keep your landlord honest.

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If one has the knolwedge of a subject, they cannot be the effect of it.

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A Humble Story

“We are taking $1,000 out of your security deposit.

These were the devastating words said to me 3 years ago when I was moving out of my rental.

Although I didn’t know it then, this fateful statement unknowingly changed me and the lives of countless tenants for the better."

Read this humble story from a real tenant.